Weather Strip

for iPhone and iPad

A groundbreaking timeline view of modern NOAA weather forecasts.

Use the interactive map to see forecasts for any location in the U.S. — including mountains, trails, lakes, and literally anywhere you place a marker!

Extreme weather warnings are shown directly on the forecast timeline, so you can see exactly when the danger is expected — including storms, fires, hurricanes, flooding, landslides, and everything else tracked by NOAA meteorologists.

We take privacy seriously with NO ads, NO tracking, and NO third-party analytics. We only store location data on your local device, and we always use approximated locations when requesting weather forecasts.

We also respect your data plan, with optional background app refresh that automatically learns your habits, and the ability to view your recent forecasts even when your connection drops.

Designed by data visualization researcher Robin Stewart to help everyone get outside.

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“Clever, useful, original presentation of weather data.”

-John Gruber (inventor of Markdown)

“Instant new favorite weather app: Weather Strip. The weather timeline is the best weather visualization around.”

-Jason Kottke (inventor of permalinks)

“Haven’t been as excited about something like this since the (original) Dark Sky. Subscribed.”

-Loren Brichter (creator of Tweetie)

“Oh hallelujah — someone redesigned the weather underground weather viz (which is bar-none the best weather viz around) and made it more beautiful and uncoupled from IBM ownership.”

-Craig Mod (author and technologist)

From the app store

“Absolutely love this weather app. Everything you want to know about current and upcoming weather in a single concise overview.” -pfvernon2

“Really well thought out and designed. Easily 10 out of 5 stars.” -stephen04jones

“What a refreshing take on weather! The display and functions are so simple and clean. The weather strip is so easy to read and understand. Very well done!” -Gpsjake

“Simple, accurate. A pleasure. This app shows the author’s expertise in data presentation. It’s all there, clearly and uncluttered.” -uinazi

“Work of art! Beautiful. Efficient. A treat for the eyes!” -ChrisRodricks

“Absolutely the best weather App. Gets to the point in a simple graphical way without fluff. Keep up the great work.” -GeaMann

“This is the easiest-to-use display of the weather forecast I’ve seen.” -fgamador


Please check the frequently asked questions below and contact us if your question isn't covered or if you'd like to send feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions


Weather Strip is currently available in the United States and on iOS.
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Choosing a forecast location

Tap the map button at the bottom of the main screen to go to the map view. Long-press on the map to select a new location. Tap the ">" button to view the forecast for that location.

Saving locations for easier switching

In the map view, long-press on the map to select a new location. Tap the "+" button to save that location so it will always appear as a marker on your map.

Making location switching faster is a top request and a top priority for future versions of the app.

Precipitation amount (inches of rain/snow)

When more than a slight drizzle is expected, the forecasted precipitation amount for each hour is shown as blue bars across the bottom of the strip. If no bars are visible, no significant accumulation is expected.

The exact number of inches expected per hour is shown in the legend.

"Feels Like" temperature

The "feels like" temperature estimates the combined effects of humidity and wind on human skin. It is shown as a shaded area above or below the temperature graph (depending on whether the temperature feels higher or lower than measured).

A numeric "Feels like" legend is displayed if the temperature difference is at least 4 degrees Fahrenheit. (Differences less than that are not very significant compared to local effects like sun, shade and gusts of wind.)

If you prefer, you can set the middle readout above the strip to always show the "feels like" temperature. (The readout defaults to showing humidity. Tap to change it.)

UV Index

The UV Index predicts the amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Exposure can cause sunburn, cancer, and other health issues. The US EPA has an overview of how to interpret UV Index levels (1 to 11+).

UV Index values are displayed along the top of the hourly weather strip, using international standard colors for moderate to extreme UV radiation. ("Low" radiation is shown as very light orange instead of the standard green, so the display is less prominent when UV hazard is low.)

Quickly returning to "now"

Tap the left end of the week view (the narrower strip below the main view) to quickly scroll back to the beginning of the forecast, which represents the present moment in time.

Reloading the forecast

Weather Strip automatically reloads the forecast any time an updated version is expected. If an error occurs (such as no internet connection), you can manually reload the forecast by tapping the "!" in the lower left corner and then tapping "Reload".

Why can't I view forecasts outside the United States?

The unique week-long hourly view is powered by the U.S. National Weather Service (NOAA), which only issues forecasts for the United States. Let us know what other countries you'd like to see.


Weather Strip displays a rainbow across any time period where our proprietary algorithm determines there is a reasonably high chance that rainbows may be visible in the sky.



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