Weather Strip

for iPhone and iPad

Weather Strip : May 25, 2023 Update


Weather Strip is set to gain minute-by-minute rain and snow forecasts for the upcoming hour, based on the radar technique popularized by Dark Sky.

These short-term predictions appear in the timeline at the same scale as the regular hourly forecast, so they can be understood in the context of the big picture. A text version of the forecast is also displayed above the timeline, such as “heavy rain in 25 minutes” or “no rain for the hour”. (See screenshot 1.)

The new forecasts are powered by Apple Weather (which acquired Dark Sky) and Foreca, together covering most parts of the world. They forecast out 60 to 90 minutes.

Weather Strip's home screen widgets are also getting some updates. Long-press on a widget will show multiple options for the background color, to better complement any home screen wallpaper. And widgets that show the full week are gaining support for daily precipitation, showing the total amount of rain or snow expected each day.

Last, the “visual dew point” experiment is becoming a regular option in the app's settings. Dew point is the temperature at which water condenses out of air, and it’s the most representative way to measure how humid the air will feel. When the setting is enabled, Weather Strip shows dew point forecasts as a dotted line on the timeline, using the same scale as the forecasted temperature. The higher the dew point, the more humid it feels. And the closer the dew point line is to the temperature line, the closer the conditions are to pushing moisture out as rain or snow. (See screenshot 2.)